Exploring the Bubble Kush Strain


People all over the globe use cannabidiol (CBD) because of the various benefits it is believed to bring. However, different strains produce different effects for the users. One of the most loved strains is the Bubble Kush strain, which is indica-dominant, with indica genetics making up 80% of its genome and sativa being 20%. The strain is a favorite of so many CBD consumers because of its excellent effect and the experience they enjoy when they use it.

The origin of the Bubble Kush strain
The Bubble Kush strain came about after crossing the Bubble Gum and OG Kush strains. The crossing resulted in a strain with a potent THC content of 19%. The strain inherited many of the traits of OG Kush, one of its parents. In addition, its high THC level of 19% allows it to have an ideal natural high.

The Bubble Kush strain is sometimes confused with the similar Bubba Kush strain, which is also an indica-dominant strain. However, its lineage is slightly different. You could grow or get your organic Bubba Kush from leading growers and sellers like Cannaflower. Bubba Kush is a leading seller at Cannaflower because it has a perfect nighttime relaxation effect and is great for winding down after a hassle-filled day.

A review of the Bubble Kush Weed
If you are a fan of the Bubble Kush strain, you would probably like to have a quick Bubble Kush review to understand your favorite CBD strain. The Bubble Kush is a great cannabis plant that has a fantastic taste and produces bountiful yields. It develops big dark-green buds and red hairs, growing to 80-140 cm when indoors, and if grown outdoors, can grow up to 160-200 cm. The flowering period is 7-8 weeks, with the harvest being in late September. The strain has all the qualities consumers look for in a premium CBD strain, including an intense aroma, great bud structure, and an excellent jar appeal.

The positive effects of Bubble Kush
Consumers of the Bubble Kush strain like its high and that it offers them a euphoric, jubilant and sleepy high — making it the perfect strain for a lazy day off. Although it could become a bit cerebral initially, the effects soon turn sedative.

The adverse effects of the strain
While the Bubble Kush generally has pleasant effects, a few users may experience some negative effects. Luckily, those adverse effects are usually mild. The common ones include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Also, some users have been indicated to have experienced heightened paranoia after consuming this CBD variant.

Conclusion 0
Bubble Kush is a great CBD strain for you if you are seeking to relax or take a nap, and you can smoke it as you watch football, when enjoying a lazy weekend with loved ones, or in the evening after a hectic day. It would be best to buy your supplies of the strain and other CBD products from one of the leading vendors like Cannaflower or reputable dispensaries, including online ones, to ensure you get the best product and high quality.


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