Famous Celebrity Couples and Break-Ups 

Photo by Los Muertos Crew / Pexels

Celebrity couples will always headline around the world. Whether they’ve been together for a month, going strong for years, or they’ve just broken up – we’ve added some of the most popular couples and break-ups that are still relevant today. Read on to see which couples or excess made it to our list. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are the new It couple yet again. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were together for 18 years ago when they abruptly broken-up just before their wedding. But, this time around, everything is different. Ben Affleck had divorced his long-time wife and the mother of his children Jennifer Garner. Not long after, rumors started circulating about his behavior on and off set.  

His relationship with Jennifer came out of the blue. It was highly publicized that they’d rekindled their romance, and not long after, Ben popped the question. Now, 18 years after their first split, they are finally married.  

Jeanie and Joe Hachem 

Joe Hachem and Jeanie met while they were both teenagers. They would go on to marry and have four children. She was extremely supportive of his ambitions which led Joe to become one of the most successful professional poker players.  

He is the first Australian to win the World Series of Poker main event and grab at the time record-breaking main prize of $7.5 million. He has also competed at the Bellagio Casino’s Five Diamonds Poker Classic and at the World Poker Tour championship. Joe still plays poker professionally and was inducted into the Australian Poker Hall of Fame.  

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a long-standing and loving marriage. They met while filming the Green Lantern, which was a commercial and critical failure but it brought them closer and later they started dating. The pair began dating in 2011 and married one  year later. They have four children and are still going strong.  

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee 

Pamela Anderson has acted in famous TV shows, musicals, and films such as Baywatch, Chicago, The Nanny, and many other projects. She has recently made a comeback on Netflix with a documentary on her life Pamela, a Love Story. It candidly portrays her life through her own words and her well-publicized relationship with Tommy Lee.  

Tommy Lee is famous for being a founding member and drummer of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. But, it was his personal life and notably his relationship and subsequent breakup with Pamela that fed the tabloids. Their tumultuous relationship resulted in Tommy going to jail for charges of domestic abuse and a custody battle over their sons. Years alter their relationship, and the break-up would be depicted in a fictionalized miniseries, Pam & Tommy on Hulu.  

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