Former lawyers of Gloria Govan dem & bank statements for $200k judgment default

Former Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan is being asked by her former lawyers to provide bank statements to help them collect on a $200k default judgment she owes them. The lawyers have asked a judge to set a hearing to examine Govan’s finances and determine the best avenue for collecting the money she was ordered to pay. Govan’s lawyers have said she blew off the case despite being served with legal paperwork, and if she fails to show up for the hearing, she could be subject to arrest.

Former lawyers of Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan, who was ordered to pay $197,774.62 in unpaid invoices, have demanded she shows up in court with her bank statements to collect on a $200k default judgment.

Former Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan has been ordered by her previous lawyers to present her bank statements in court to help them collect on a $200k default judgment issued against her. Govan’s former legal representatives, Brot, Gross & Fishbein, who represented her in her divorce battle against ex-NBA star Matt Barnes, want to examine her financials, including her bank statements and property ownership records. This will allow them to determine the best approach for collecting the money Govan was told to pay following the default judgment. If she fails to appear in court, she could be subject to arrest.

Brot, Gross & Fishbein was granted the default judgment earlier in the year after Govan failed to respond to the legal paperwork. The firm’s lawsuit came in response to Govan refusing to settle unpaid invoices from the lawyers. Govan and Barnes were married in 2013 and ended their relationship two years later. In 2015, Barnes had an altercation with ex-NBA player Derek Fisher after finding out he was dating Govan.

Govan and Barnes eventually settled their divorce in 2016. Since leaving Basketball Wives in 2015, Govan married Fisher in a 2021 ceremony in Malibu, California. According to People, the couple had to cancel their wedding due to COVID-19 but ultimately decided to hold out for their family and kids to be present. Meanwhile, Barnes has been ordered to pay Govan $133k in child support arrears for their two sons. Currently, the support battle is ongoing, with the NBA star initially paying $20k per month that was eventually slashed down to $7,500 per month in 2018.

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