Francia Raísa’s Father Confirms Daughter Confronted Selena Gomez Over Drinking After Kidney Donation

Francia Raísa’s father confirmed rumors that she and Selena Gomez had a disagreement after the kidney donation. He claims Raísa confronted Gomez over her continued drinking. Gomez has not commented on the situation.

Francia Raísa’s father confirms rumors that the actress and Selena Gomez had a fallout over Gomez’s drinking habits after Raísa donated a kidney to her.

Francia Raísa’s father has revealed that his daughter confronted Selena Gomez about her drinking habits after donating a kidney to the pop star. Renán Almendárez Coello confirmed that the rumoured disagreement between the women was related to Gomez’s drinking and changing lifestyle after experiencing love, money, and fame. Coello warned Gomez to be careful, indicating that he was concerned about the pop star’s wellbeing.

In 2017, Raísa, a former star on “Grown-ish,” donated one of her kidneys to Gomez as the singer battles lupus. After the successful surgery, the women appeared to be close, but rumours of a feud surfaced last year after Gomez referred to Taylor Swift as her only friend in the industry. Raísa responded by deleting a post with the word “interesting.” However, in March 2023, Gomez referred to Raísa as her “best friend” and thanked her once again for the ultimate sacrifice.

While Gomez maintains her silence on the issue, Raísa has shared that she is being bullied online by Gomez’s fans, who have attacked her ruthlessly since the rift surfaced. In no uncertain terms, Raísa has condemned bullying and has received support from several quarters. However, she has not revealed whether the two women have reconciled or whether she follows Gomez back on social media.

The story underscores the importance of mental and emotional health in celebrities, particularly those dealing with illnesses, and how the challenges of fame can impact relationships. While physical health is crucial, friendship, forgiveness, and communication are also essential, and being careful about one’s wellbeing can go a long way in preventing misunderstandings and breakdowns in relationships.

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