Garcelle Beauvais Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Instagram Post

Photographer John has sued reality TV star Garcelle Beauvais for using his copyrighted images without permission or payment on her Facebook page. John alleges that his work was used to advance Garcelle’s brand and reputation, and sought unspecified damages plus an order against future misuse. Garcelle has not yet responded to the case.

Photographer John has sued reality star Garcelle Beauvais for copyright infringement after she allegedly used his photos of her on her Facebook page without permission or payment, accusing her of profiting from the images.

In 2023, former reality star Garcelle Beauvais found herself in hot water after being hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit. John, a photographer, claimed that Garcelle used a series of his images on her Facebook page without obtaining his permission or offering compensation. The photos were taken in May 2022 and showcased Garcelle walking around the streets of New York City in denim shorts and a black satin blouse while carrying a handbag.

John alleged that he relied on selling his images as a source of income, and that Garcelle’s use of them on her monetized Facebook account directly impacted his ability to earn from them. The lawsuit sought unspecified damages as well as an order preventing Garcelle from using John’s work without permission or compensation in the future.

Additionally, John argued that his photos were protected by copyright law and that Garcelle knowingly and willingly violated those protections. He maintained that the subject matter, timing, lighting, and other factors that went into creating the images were the result of his hard work and expertise.

At the time of the lawsuit’s filing, Garcelle had yet to respond publicly. However, it was noted that another former castmate, Lisa Rinna, had recently settled a similar lawsuit out of court. It remains to be seen how this case will ultimately be resolved.

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