Gayle King Says She Has No Plans to Retire & is “Looking for More Work” Despite Hosting a New CNN Show & SiriusXM Radio Show on Top of “CBS This Morning”

Gayle King, the television anchor and journalist, has stated that she has no plans to retire and is looking for more work. Speaking after being awarded the Journalist Icon Award by Byron Allen at TheGrio’s Washington D.C. Gala, King revealed that she was hoping to increase her workload. In addition to hosting both CBS This Morning and a SiriusXM radio show, King recently announced a new CNN show with Charles Barkley.

Gayle King, honored with the Journalist Icon Award at TheGrio’s Washington D.C. Gala, stated that she has no plans to retire and wants to work even more.

Gayle King has received the Journalist Icon Award at TheGrio’s Washington D.C. Gala, presented to her by Byron Allen. The 68-year-old anchor, who has been honored previously with the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism, spoke about how she has no plans to retire like the CBS veteran, who had to retire at 65. King said, “I’m not even kind of thinking about retiring. Not even kind of! I’m looking for more work.”

King announced that she will be hosting a new CNN show with Charles Barkley alongside juggling her SiriusXM radio show and co-hosting CBS This Morning, leading Allen to joke that she has a lot on her plate. Allen, who also introduced talent and journalists from TheGrio including April Ryan, Touré, and Natasha Alford, praised King for opening the door in the news business and credited her with revitalizing the CBS mornings show.

Before accepting her award, King was treated to a mini-concert by Diana Ross, where she performed hits such as “Upside Down,” “I’m Coming Out,” and “The Boss” to the delight of the audience. The gala was attended by other prominent personalities such as Gov. Wes Moore, Nikole Hannah Jones, and motivational speaker Hope Giselle.

King shared with Allen at the gala how she had to hurry off to attend a White House Correspondents Dinner party, joking she should not have followed Allen or Ross on stage because of how they stole the show. Despite her busy schedule, King seems to have no plans of slowing down anytime soon, making it clear she is not retiring anytime soon.

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