Glanville’s Nerves Meeting Manzo & Fear of Vulgar Language

Reality TV personality Brandi Glanville expressed her nerves about meeting Caroline Manzo due to their previous unfriendly encounter. Glanville was worried about her vulgar language, particularly her use of the F-word, and felt that Manzo might not understand her. Glanville’s concerns were discussed on a podcast with Melissa Gorga before the shoot took place.

Glanville expressed nervousness about meeting Manzo due to her previous unfriendly encounter and concern over her use of vulgar language.

In a recent podcast interview with Melissa Gorga, reality TV star Brandi Glanville shared her apprehension about a scheduled meeting with Caroline Manzo. Glanville admitted to feeling nervous about their encounter, as she had previously met Manzo and found her to be less than friendly. Glanville worried that her use of vulgar language, specifically the F-word, would cause Manzo to reject her.

Glanville’s fear extended to the possibility of Manzo’s “military-style” communication style impacting their ability to understand each other. Despite her reservations, Glanville acknowledged that her use of the F-word was simply a part of her personality and didn’t plan to alter her behavior to appease Manzo during their upcoming interaction.

While Glanville did not specify the reason for her upcoming meeting with Manzo, it is likely that it was related to their shared involvement in various reality TV ventures. Fans of the shows in which they appear will undoubtedly be curious to see how things play out between the two outspoken personalities. Only time will tell if their meeting will result in a positive outcome or end in disaster.

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