Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell explain why they never got married

Actress Goldie Hawn opened up about her 37-year relationship with Kurt Russell and explained why they have never gotten married. Hawn believes that the aftermath of unsuccessful marriages, including the financial, emotional, and familial tolls, is not worth it. She values their independent thinking and the freedom to make daily decisions about their relationship.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have chosen not to marry because they have witnessed the negative consequences of divorce and value their independence in their relationship.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s decision to never officially marry has raised eyebrows, but the couple stands by their choice. In a recent interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, Hawn, who has been with Russell for over four decades, explained their reasoning behind this unconventional arrangement. The actress, 77, cited her firsthand experience of the aftermath of unsuccessful marriages as a major factor. Hawn was previously married to actor Gus Trikonis and musician Bill Hudson before finding lasting love with Russell.

Hawn emphasized the negativity often associated with divorce, describing it as “ugly” and a costly affair. She questioned the very notion of divorces being a pleasurable experience, highlighting the pain caused to children and the deepening of animosity between former partners. Wallace, impressed by the couple’s longevity, confidently declared that they would never separate. Hawn countered by stressing the importance of waking up each day with the freedom to choose their relationship.

Keeping their independence and maintaining separate thinking is a cornerstone of their successful dynamic, according to Hawn. She acknowledged that relationships are challenging and involve navigating various obstacles and differences. However, she believes that retaining individuality allows them to stay true to themselves and their connection.

Although Hawn and Russell never tied the knot, they share a son named Wyatt Russell. Hawn is also the proud mother of actors Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson, who fondly refer to Russell as “pa.” On Russell’s part, he was previously married to actress Season Hubley, and they have a son together named Boston.

In a world where marriage is often seen as the ultimate commitment in a relationship, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell provide a different perspective. Their enduring love story and decision to forgo marriage demonstrate the importance of personal freedom, independent thinking, and the ability to choose one’s own path in matters of the heart.

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