Harry Styles’ kissing skills criticized after sloppy makeout session with Emily Ratajkowski goes viral.

Footage of Harry Styles’ sloppy makeout session with Emily Ratajkowski went viral on social media, leading to criticism of Styles’ kissing skills. Fans expressed disappointment in the former One Direction heartthrob, with some suggesting that he wasn’t giving it his all due to a lack of interest in Ratajkowski. Despite their history and shared interests, it remains to be seen how serious their dalliance is.

Harry Styles is being criticized for his kissing skills after a video of him making out with Emily Ratajkowski went viral, leading some fans to speculate if he wasn’t interested in her or if she was just not a good kisser.

British singer and heartthrob, Harry Styles, has become the subject of fans’ criticism after footage of his public make-out session with model Emily Ratajkowski went viral last week. The pair were seen kissing in Tokyo, but fans seem disappointed by the One Direction star’s kissing skills. Many fans took to Twitter expressing their disappointment, with one writing, “harry styles being a bad kisser has changed my brain chemistry for good I cannot process this”.

Despite the negative reactions, some fans took Harry’s side, speculating that he may not have been interested in Ratajkowski. One tweeter wrote, “does he not want to kiss those people?” while another suggested that Harry’s kissing style was softer with people he was more comfortable around.

The criticism comes as Styles’ previous relationships have often been of interest to his fans. Notably, Styles’ ex, Olivia Wilde, was recently seen partying with Ratajkowski at the Vanity Fair Oscars bash. Eight years ago, Styles admitted that Emily Ratajkowski was his celebrity crush, and the pair have been seen together on multiple occasions.

It remains to be seen whether this fling will become a serious relationship or if it was simply a brief dalliance. However, it’s clear that Styles’ comfort level with his make-out partner is up for debate, but the news hasn’t stopped fans from swooning over the former boy band member.

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