HGTV star Nicole Curtis settles never-ending court battle with ex over their 6-year-old son

HGTV star Nicole Curtis and her ex-husband, Shane Maguire, have reached a settlement in their ongoing court battle regarding custody of their 6-year-old son. They have agreed to discuss all non-emergency matters regarding their child through a court Family Wizard app, which records all conversations. They have also acknowledged that any violation of the custody/visitation provisions may result in civil or criminal penalties.

HGTV star Nicole Curtis and her ex have settled their ongoing court battle over custody of their 6-year-old son, reaching an agreement that requires all non-emergency discussions to be conducted through a court Family Wizard app, with possible penalties for violations, and addresses concerns about travel and social media posting.

HGTV star Nicole Curtis and her ex, Shane Maguire, have finally put an end to their ongoing court battle over their six-year-old son. In an agreement recently obtained from court documents, both parties have resolved all outstanding issues regarding their child. As part of their deal, they have agreed to communicate and discuss non-emergency matters exclusively through the court Family Wizard app, which ensures the conversations are recorded. Additionally, they have made it clear that any violation of the custody/visitation provisions may result in civil or criminal penalties.

Last year, Shane requested for modifications to the existing custody agreement, citing significant changes since its initial implementation. He particularly highlighted concerns about Nicole traveling with their son during her custodial time, often returning home in the late hours before a school day. Shane stated that their son had expressed his discomfort with this routine on multiple occasions. Another modification Shane sought was regarding the posting of their son on social media, as he claimed Nicole did not comply with the agreed restrictions.

Nicole, on the other hand, defended her efforts in adhering to the terms of their 2018 agreement. Given her frequent work-related travel, she ensured that every member of her team, including assistants and her agent, had a copy of the stipulation to coordinate her schedule effectively. Furthermore, Nicole accused Shane and his new girlfriend of repeatedly sharing private and personal information about her, their son, and the custodial matter on social media.

The custody battle between Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire dates back several years, with the former couple finally reaching a joint physical and legal custody agreement in 2018. While this recent settlement signifies a resolution to their contentious court war, the court will continue to oversee their parenting decisions through the Family Wizard app. Both Nicole and Shane have expressed their commitment to prioritize their child’s well-being and abide by the agreed-upon provisions, ensuring a more harmonious co-parenting relationship moving forward.

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