His breakup with Michelle Young, says Nayte Olukoya, was a “Dick Move”

The fans of The Bachelor are learning more about why Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young broke up.

On the Sept. 8 episode of The Viall Files, Nayte talked about the breakup and said he broke up with Michelle over the phone. This was about three months after the former Bachelorette couple said they were ending their engagement.

“Our relationship was tough,” Nayte told Nick Viall, the host of Bachelor Nation and one of the other contestants. “There was lots of ups and downs, lots of arguments, lots of fights and just not really clicking, not really seeing eye-to-eye.”

Last year, Nayte and Michelle got engaged on season 18 of “The Bachelorette.” In June, they went to Los Angeles to celebrate Michelle’s birthday with her friends and go to Wango Tango. But, as Nayte told Nick, “things were just kind of rocky” and they fought before doing press at the music festival.

In fact, he said that the weekend was not going well overall. He also said that he and Michelle had been up late “having very deep conversations” and that he had talked to Michelle’s friends about how well the two of them got along. Nayte also said that he and Michelle had talked about breaking up in the past. He said that the first time they talked about breaking up was in January.

“So, on our last day in L.A., we were already talking about breaking up,” he said. “This wasn’t the first time we’d talked about breaking up.” “This is probably our third time having a breakup conversation.”

Nayte, who lived in Austin at the time, said he then went to the airport, where he cried and called his mother and sister. After an emotional trip home, the salesperson called his friends and family, including his mother. He remembered thinking, “I don’t see the relationship working anymore.”

Michelle, who lives in Minnesota, called Nayte while he was on the phone with his mother. Nayte said he thought she was at home, but she was still at the airport, which “just kind of makes the story even worse.” He says she then talked about how they couldn’t go to CMA Fest the next week.

Nayte said, “She’s like, ‘Hey, if we’re not doing CMAs next week we have to give them a reason why,'” “And I just blurted out, ‘We’re not doing CMAs because I can’t be with you anymore,'” she says.

“So yeah, I broke up with her over the phone, which is a dick move.” he said.

Later that month, Nayte and Michelle said on Instagram that they were no longer together. Kaitlyn Bristowe, a former Bachelorette and host of the show Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, said in a July episode that Michelle was “blindsided” by the divorce.

So, how does Nayte feel about the claim that he broke up with Michelle quickly? “I can’t tell somebody how to feel,” the ex-competitor said in response to claims of cheating. “So, if Michelle was surprised, I can’t take that away from her. But the truth is, this wasn’t the first time we talked about breaking up.”

Michelle hasn’t said much about the breakup other than a joint statement with Nayte about the divorce. On an episode of The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous podcast from July, she said that she hadn’t expected it.

“Where I’m struggling with this piece is it’s like you never know how much to say, you never know how to handle it, you never know how it’s going to be taken,” the former teacher said. “But I will say that this is not something that I foresaw, and I’ll leave it there.”

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