Hollywood’s Use of Ozempic Joked About in Oscars Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel joked about Hollywood’s use of Ozempic for weight loss during his Oscars monologue. Ozempic, a drug used to treat diabetes, has been accused of being a weight-loss solution and has been flaunted by various celebrities and reality stars. While some celebrities have denied using the drug, few have admitted to it.

Jimmy Kimmel joked about Hollywood’s alleged use of Ozempic for weight loss during his Oscars monologue.

During his opening monologue at the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the alleged use of Ozempic in Hollywood. The drug, originally prescribed to treat diabetes, has gained attention as a weight-loss solution. Celebrities, including reality TV stars, have reportedly used the drug to achieve their slim figures. Although few have admitted to using it, accusations continue to circulate.

Kimmel did not mention any specific stars but commented on the “stunning weight loss” in the room, jokingly asking if Ozempic was right for him. The drug’s use has sparked controversy and concern, as it may not be safe for those without diabetes to take it.

Reality TV stars like Golnesa Gharachedaghi have openly discussed their use of Ozempic. Others, like Kyle Richards of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” have denied using the drug despite rumors. Richards attributes her slim figure to working out for two hours every day and avoiding unhealthy foods.

Despite the controversy surrounding Ozempic, some celebrities continue to promote the drug’s weight-loss effects. However, the medical community recommends using caution and consulting with a doctor before taking any prescription medication for weight loss.

In conclusion, the use of Ozempic as a weight-loss solution in Hollywood has gained attention and controversy. While some celebrities have reportedly used the drug, others deny it, attributing their slim figures to exercise and a healthy diet. The medical community advises caution when taking any prescription medication for weight loss.

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