How Dating Technologies Caused a Shift in People’s Perception of Romance

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that singles seeking a partner tended to congregate in nightclubs or rely on introductions from mutual friends. Some would attend speed dating events. But technology has introduced a whole new dimension to matchmaking, so much so that digital dating websites now count memberships running into millions across the globe. Here we’ll consider just how advances in technology have helped to inspire a seismic shift in how we perceive romance.

There’s so much choice at your fingertips

These days, online dating is one of the most generic terms you could imagine. There are so many niches within that umbrella bracket, and part of the fun of being single in this situation is exploring the many varied options. For example, if you’ve always wanted to date a men who is serving in the military or police forces, you can head to a uniform dating site that specializes in matching you to a prospective partner based on this criteria and connect with uniform singles from the comfort of your own home. Your tastes might change the more you get into digital dating, and you are under no obligation to stick with the first platform that catches your eye. You may well find your appetite is whetted by a diverse range of options. Since most of these outlets offer free registration, you could always spend some time checking out what different services have to offer before plumbing for one in particular.

Pursuing romance is a 24/7 activity

Unlike the days of offline romance, looking for a partner is no longer an action that can only take place when clubs or other social venues are open to the public. Once you’ve joined a dating site you can gain access to your account at any time. As you’re commuting to work or study, instead of peering out the window or flicking through your social media notifications, you could be checking out new site users. Then flirting with them!

Compatibility is everything

What people who have never dated online might not be so familiar with is the concept of algorithms. This is the software that analyses your responses to questions about your preferences during the registration process or takes an interest in your actions when you are logged into a site. These details can then be cross-referred to responses already stored within a database, allowing you to be presented with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for romance. You don’t have to abide by these options, and would still be free to browse through all the personal details under your own steam!

Singles are getting fussier …

Because dating technology allows a far more incisive window into someone’s background, singles never have to rush into a relationship. There might be such a thing as love at first sight at the movies, but where virtual matchmaking is concerned, this is more likely to translate as ‘love with someone I’ve kindled sparks of chemistry with after several weeks of exchanging texts, emails or video chats.’ Other site members will still be more shallow, and fixate on looks first!

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