How Does the Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator Work?

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What do you want most when playing at an online casino? For most players, the answer to this question is to win the jackpot. Any game can offer you this opportunity, but vegas online slots are the best option to try your luck. A jackpot can be big enough to change your life and make you a millionaire.

So, have you ever wondered how they work? Moreover, do you know what advantages the Jackpot Aggregator platform developed by Softswiss offers you, casino operators, and developer studios? Below, we will answer these questions.

How Do Jackpots Work, and What Are They Used For?

Jackpot, in its simplest definition, is the name of the grand prize that the player can win. It can be fixed or progressive – this means that the prize amount keeps increasing with each game played (until someone wins). Jackpots are often part of the games, but this is not a requirement: there can also be a site-wide jackpot where every member participates automatically.

Whatever the type, jackpots are very useful tools to increase brand recognition and build player loyalty. Their mere presence can persuade players to join the casino and continue playing. However, traditional jackpot systems are quite complex and cannot be said to be practical. The jackpot systems that are still used in most casinos have the following features:

  • A physical server owned by the casino operator is required to manage the prize pool and payouts.
  • This server can only manage three to four different jackpots at the same time, and their types are quite limited. This is why they are often added to slot games: existing management systems only support popular titles.
  • For the same reason, the types of jackpots do not vary much. It is often not possible to go beyond a few basic options.

The Jackpot Aggregator platform, developed by SoftSwiss, plans to completely replace the existing system. These changes will affect not only players but also casino operators and game developers. 

What Is Jackpot Aggregator, and How Does It Work? 

This system describes itself as “Jackpot as a Service (JaaS).” This is not the business model we are used to seeing: Aggregator may be the first and only example of JaaS. In essence, this is a system that allows casino operators to manage jackpot prizes, but it differs from the traditional option in many ways. Among these differences are:

  • Aggregator does not need a physical server and runs entirely on the cloud. The casino operator does not need to use a physical server for this job.
  • For the same reason, theoretically, this server has no capacity limit: you don’t have to “upgrade” it when you want to add new games. The Aggregator is designed as a scalable virtual jackpot system.
  • Game and type restrictions in the traditional system are not included in this solution. You can manage not only three or four games, but all games on the casino site at the same time and make them part of the Aggregator system. Likewise, you can organize different types of jackpots at the same time.
  • SoftSwiss designed this system as template-based: pre-built jackpot templates allow any jackpot type to be added to any game in a matter of minutes. Of course, it is also possible to design a custom template too.

Thanks to its modern code structure, Aggregator can integrate faster and be used by the operator in a maximum of 48 hours (this can take up to a month for traditional systems). Using the system, you can organize different jackpots for different jurisdictions and run local/global campaigns simultaneously. Likewise, it is possible to run multi-level and multi-currency campaigns.

And since the whole process runs on the cloud, no maintenance is required: once the system is set up, all the casino operator has to do is take care of jackpot management. Setup, maintenance, and upgrade processes are handled by the SoftSwiss team. The biggest advantage of this system for the player is that it can create personalized campaigns. For example, if you love a game and spend a lot of time playing it, the casino management can create a special jackpot for you that can be won in that game. This is something that is not possible with current solutions, but Aggregator can do it easily.

The system can be integrated not only into casino sites but also into the platforms of game developers. A game studio can add their own branded jackpots to their games using the Aggregator, and there is no need to spend development time on this. So, the developer team can add a new feature to a game without wasting time and resources. This is also true for game aggregator platforms: SoftSwiss’ system is designed as a solution for both casino operators and game/platform developers to use, offering an advantage for everyone.

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