How to create and monetize a blockchain game

Over the past few years, the income of IT professionals and developers has increased several times. Popular gambling blockchain platforms process transactions worth millions of dollars every day. Approximately 15% of platform revenues are received by decentralized application developers. That is why developing blockchain games today is a very profitable business as well as betting at real money casino NZ. In this review, we will take a step-by-step look at how to create and monetize blockchain games.

Writing an application

The first step to take is to write the application. At this stage, the main place is given to smart contracts.

Various projects in the decentralized application market help developers create and promote blockchain games. Some of them suggest using tools to launch a blockchain casino. In addition, there are also platforms with content for blockchain games: images, skins, and sounds.

Writing smart contracts is the hardest part of development. Smart contracts carry out settlements between players and casinos, so if games have any errors in smart contracts, hackers can easily hack them. For example, in 2018, a user of the EOSBet gambling app exploited a vulnerability in the game’s smart contract and stole $200,000.

Earning on the game

After the application is ready, you need to start making money on it. Developers make money if the game has users. There are several ways to get a large audience: put the game on the Internet, aggregator, or casino.

If the developer puts the game on the Internet, then he will have to independently promote the application and look for players. If he places the game in a casino or aggregator, then he gets access to the user base, but he will have to pay for the services of intermediaries.

Today, there are many platforms for gambling applications on the blockchain. Developers can add their games to the platform, and the platform sends alerts to the casino partner network. Operators select casino games and integrate them using a script provided by the platform.

App creators receive a share of the profits from each game transaction. This process happens automatically:

  • the casino hosts the game;
  • the smart contract of the game calculates the percentage of remuneration for developers for each transaction;
  • once a month, developers automatically receive a share of the proceeds.
    At the same time, the developers set the amount of remuneration on their own: they prescribe it in a smart contract when creating a game.

Over the past two years, the number of blockchain casino users has grown by 372%, which once again confirms the popularity of blockchain projects. The transaction volume of blockchain games is $6.71 billion.

With the growing popularity of the gambling industry, the number of applications is increasing – new projects are entering the market that simplifies the creation of blockchain games. Interestingly, it is possible to create profitable games even without experience with the blockchain, so if you want to make money by creating blockchain projects, this is the time to do it.

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