Irretrievably broken marriage with custody & support disputes

Both parties, Kroy and Kim, state that their marriage is irreparably broken with no chance of reconciliation. They have demanded primary custody of their four minor children and are seeking child and spousal support from each other. The divorce proceedings have become contentious, with Kim accusing Kroy of smoking marijuana and insisting on a drug test.

Kim and Kroy both cited an irretrievably broken marriage, demanded primary custody of their 4 minor children, and requested child and spousal support, with Kim further requesting Kroy to undergo a drug test due to her claim of witnessing him smoking marijuana.

Welcome to our latest celebrity gossip update! Today, we dive into the ongoing divorce proceedings between reality TV stars, Kroy and Kim. The once-happy couple, who tied the knot on November 11, 2011, has unfortunately found their marriage to be “irretrievably broken” with no hope for reconciliation, as stated by both parties. This news has undoubtedly shocked fans who have followed their journey over the years.

The couple, parents to four adorable minor children – Kroy, Kash, Kaia, and Kane – have found themselves entangled in a messy custody battle. Both Kroy and Kim have demanded primary custody of their beloved kids, and they have also requested child and spousal support from each other. It’s disheartening to witness their once-loving relationship succumb to such bitter disputes.

As the divorce proceedings unfold, Kim has taken her efforts a step further by insisting that Kroy undergo a drug test. She claims to have personally witnessed him smoking marijuana, leading to her concerns about his fitness as a parent. This shocking revelation has added fuel to the fire, further escalating the tension between the estranged couple.

The public remains captivated by this celebrity breakup, eagerly following each twist and turn in the hopes of learning more about the details surrounding this high-profile separation. As Kim and Kroy’s divorce proceedings continue, we will be sure to keep you updated on any new developments that come to light.

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