Italian Vacation: Ousted CNN Executives & Top Agent Spotted Together in Ponza

Former CNN heavyweights Jeff Zucker, Allison Gollust, and Don Lemon, along with UTA super-agent Jay Sures, are vacationing together on the small island of Ponza, Italy, fueling speculation about their plans. Lemon was recently fired from CNN, while Zucker and Gollust resigned due to their undisclosed romantic relationship. There are rumors that Zucker might be planning to buy CNN, although his sources deny it.

Former CNN heavyweights Jeff Zucker, Allison Gollust, and Don Lemon, along with UTA super-agent Jay Sures, are on vacation together in Italy, sparking speculation about their possible collaboration or business plans.

Headline: Vacation in Italy Raises Speculation About Former CNN Heavyweights’ Plans

A group vacation in Italy has stirred up intrigue as ousted CNN heavyweights Jeff Zucker, Allison Gollust, and Don Lemon, along with United Talent Agency super-agent Jay Sures, were spotted together on the island of Ponza. With three individuals harboring their own grievances and plenty of time on their hands, coupled with the presence of a major player in the media industry, speculations about a collaborative endeavor have arisen. Let’s delve into the details.

Don Lemon, who was abruptly removed from CNN in April after a remarkable 17-year stint, found himself vacationing alongside Jeff Zucker. Zucker’s departure, together with the resignations of Allison Gollust, former executive vice president and chief marketing officer, and Zucker himself in 2022 garnered attention for an undisclosed romantic relationship that violated company policy. The gathering of these CNN exiles has sparked curiosity about their intentions on this Italian retreat.

Rumors have been circulating that Jeff Zucker, despite his denial when questioned by Page Six sources, is secretly planning to acquire CNN and regain control. Zucker, who is currently involved with a venture capital firm, is renowned and respected among CNN staff at the network’s Hudson Yards headquarters. Could this vacation be a strategic move leading towards a potential comeback?

Adding to the intrigue is the presence of Jay Sures, a prominent figure in Hollywood and long-time agent for Don Lemon. Lemon himself made headlines with his unexpected exit from CNN. With such a high-powered crew, including acclaimed sitcom guru Steven Levitan and his wife, Kristina, joining the vacationing entourage, one can’t help but wonder what plans are brewing on the secluded Italian island of Ponza.

As former CNN heavyweights and a renowned entertainment agent mingle on an Italian getaway, speculations rise about their hidden agendas. While Jeff Zucker’s alleged plan to retake CNN remains a topic of debate, the gathering of these individuals hints at a potential collaboration. Whether it’s plotting a media comeback or simply enjoying a relaxing vacation, their presence together raises questions that only time will answer. Until then, we eagerly await further developments, which will undoubtedly make headlines in the near future.

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