Jayne’s Attorney Argues She Had No Knowledge of Girardi’s Financial Woes

Jayne, an entertainer, argued that she had no reason to think that Girardi was financially unstable as she trusted his superior knowledge and expertise as an attorney along with outside accountants. Her attorney stated that Girardi prepared legal and legitimate tax returns.

Jayne, who has a 12th-grade education, never practiced law but always trusted in Girardi’s superiority and expertise as well as external accountants to prepare fair tax returns, according to her attorney. Despite numerous allegations that her husband was in financial trouble, she had no reason to believe it was true.

Jayne claimed that she had no reason to worry about Girardi’s financial condition at the time, as she was an entertainer rather than a lawyer and had trusted Girardi, GK, and the outside accountants to ensure that the tax returns were properly prepared and legitimate, according to her attorney.

Jayne argued that she had no reason to believe Girardi was broke and trusted that he and his team had prepared proper and lawful tax returns.

Jayne Girardi, the estranged wife of former lawyer Tom Girardi, is fighting back against claims of her involvement in her husband’s alleged embezzlement scheme. Her attorney argued that she had no reason to believe her husband was broke at the time of the crimes, stating that Jayne was “an entertainer with a 12th grade education” who relied on her husband and outside experts to prepare lawful and legitimate tax returns.

The defense’s argument centers on Jayne’s lack of knowledge and expertise in accounting and law, contending that she trusted her husband and outside accountants to handle their finances properly. According to her attorney, Jayne never worked as an attorney and had no reason to suspect any wrongdoing on the part of her spouse.

The couple’s lavish lifestyle, including multiple mansions, private jets, and expensive clothing, has come under scrutiny as allegations of Tom’s embezzlement emerged. Jayne’s attorney argues that the spending was in line with the couple’s wealth and that she never questioned the source of their funds.

As the legal battle continues, Jayne’s defense maintains that she played no part in her husband’s alleged misdeeds and that she was unaware of any illegal activity on his part. With the case ongoing, it remains to be seen how much of the allegations against Jayne will ultimately hold up in court.

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