Jeannie Mai Requests No Prenup Enforcement in Jeezy Divorce

Jeannie Mai is in the midst of a divorce with rapper Jeezy. She’s asking the judge to deny Jeezy’s motion to enforce their prenuptial agreement.

Mai, a 45-year-old talk show host, claims she didn’t have enough time to review the prenup before signing. Court documents obtained by Page Six reveal this.

She alleges that the negotiation for the agreement only began five days before their March 2021 wedding. Mai refers to this as a “compressed timeframe”.

This short period raises concerns about the adequacy of the due diligence process. She questions whether there was “full and fair disclosure” of their financial positions.

The “Real” alum now has “significant reservations” about Jeezy’s financial disclosures. She says he only provided one personal financial statement with approximate values and tax returns.

Mai claims she wasn’t given enough time to thoroughly review the document before signing. She also has “significant reservations” about the completeness of the financial documents provided at the time.

The documents lack comprehensive supporting financial documents. These would provide a transparent and detailed view of Mr. Jenkins’ assets, liabilities, and overall financial standing.

Due to the quick negotiation process and Mai’s concerns over her estranged husband’s financial disclosures, she’s asking the judge to deny Jeezy’s motion. Alternatively, she’s asking for a hold off until her team can look into things more.

Jeezy filed for divorce from the TV personality in September 2023. This isn’t the first time their prenup has come into question since then.

In December, Mai insinuated that Jeezy had cheated on her. Her lawyer asked the court to enforce a paragraph in the prenup “regarding infidelity”.

The section in question states that if “either party engages in sexual relations, an emotional relationship, or is emotionally or sexually suggestive in communication with a third party,” then it “shall result in a significant financial penalty upon the adulterous party.”

Mai did not disclose any details about the alleged infidelity. She hoped this matter could be resolved without having to disclose such conduct publicly.

However, Jeezy’s rep denied the accusations. They told Us Weekly that “any claim of infidelity on Mr. Jenkins’ behalf are 100 percent false.”

Jeezy, who previously admitted that no amount of work could have saved their marriage, and Mai welcomed their now-2-year-old daughter, Monaco, at the beginning of 2022. Despite initially agreeing to informal custodial arrangements through the end of 2023, the Grammy nominee later accused his estranged wife of “gatekeeping” the toddler — which she denied.

Last month, the former “How Do I Look?” stylist insisted that she hopes to “foster an open, supportive and safe environment for both parents to actively participate” in Monaco’s life — as long as safety is always at the forefront. She claimed she was “absolutely not gatekeeping” the little one but rather waiting until certain safety precautions were put into place when the toddler is in Jeezy’s care — such as locking away firearms and having properly trained caregivers.

The former couple met in 2018 but kept their relationship under wraps until the following year. Jeezy popped the question with a massive diamond sparkler in 2020, and they wed a year later.

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