Jen Shah checks into Texas prison to serve 6.5-year sentence

Jen Shah checked into a Texas prison to serve her sentence for her involvement in a telemarketing scheme that targeted seniors, pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Shah’s victims suffered significant financial hardship and damage in the scheme. Her lawyer released a statement saying she is committed to serving her sentence and making amends for the hurt she has caused.

Jen Shah has checked into a Texas prison to serve her 6.5-year sentence for pleading guilty to wire fraud in a massive telemarketing scheme targeting seniors, and will be eating fish tacos for her first meal at the all-women’s facility.

Former Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah has checked into a minimum security prison in Texas to serve her 6.5-year sentence for conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a telemarketing scheme targeting seniors. During the scheme, many of Shah’s victims “were defrauded over and over again until they had nothing left,” according to court documents.

Shah bid farewell to her husband and two sons before being admitted to the all-women’s facility, which has already released their food schedule. Her meal on the first day will reportedly consist of fish tacos.

Ahead of her imprisonment, Shah got a new tattoo to commemorate her family’s names, which she shared with her Instagram followers. In a statement released by her lawyer on Friday, the former reality star vowed to serve her sentence with courage and purpose, committed to making amends for the harm she caused and helping others in her new community.

While Shah may have a long road ahead of her, she has pledged to remain committed to her goal of making restitution to her victims. Her attorney expressed her client’s determination to rise above any obstacle and make the most of her time in prison. Shah’s story is a warning to others about the consequences of fraudulent schemes, and a reminder of the importance of accountability and responsibility.

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