Jennifer Hudson’s Show Undergoes Reboot for Season 2 with Multiple Producers Let Go According to Sources

Jennifer Hudson’s talk show is undergoing changes behind the scenes for Season 2, with multiple producers not returning. Sources described the situation as a “bloodbath” with several producers, including an executive producer, being fired. Hudson has retained her assistant and publicist as executive producers, causing TV insiders to note the unusual move of having a publicist run a show.

Jennifer Hudson has let go of several producers, including one of her executive producers, as she wraps up the first season of her talk show, but a spokesperson states that this is a typical move after a debut season.

Jennifer Hudson is reportedly revamping her daytime talk show for its upcoming second season, with several producers not returning. Sources suggest that Hudson has fired multiple producers, including one of her executive producers, resulting in one source describing the situation as a “bloodbath.” However, a spokesperson for the show has denied these claims, stating that it is typical for a debut season to undergo adjustments and that almost 95% of the staff and crew are being asked to return.

Hudson inherited a number of producers from Ellen DeGeneres when the latter ended her successful talk show. Hudson’s decision to reset with new producers has drawn comparisons to Sherri Shepherd, who also inherited staff from Wendy Williams’ show and subsequently cut ties with them ahead of her show’s second season. Producers have been flooding Hudson’s show with resumes to try and secure a job.

Hudson has retained her assistant, Walter Williams III, and her publicist, Lisa Kasteler, as executive producers, which has raised eyebrows among TV insiders, as it’s unusual to have a publicist run a show. Ratings rival Kelly Clarkson is expected to move her show to New York in the fall.

While the spokesperson for Hudson’s show attempted to downplay the staff changes, the reports of firings and comparisons to Shepherd suggest a more significant overhaul. As Hudson’s show prepares for its second season and Clarkson’s move to New York, it remains to be seen how these changes will impact the shows’ competition.

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