Joe Exotic’s Financial Advisor Denies Carole Baskin’s Claims of Hidden Assets

Joe Exotic’s financial overseer, Susan Springer, has claimed that the imprisoned former zoo operator has no financial assets, except for donations from fans which are paid directly into his prison commissary. This comes after Carole Baskin filed for a garnishment to collect a nearly $1 million judgment after Joe Exotic was found liable for inappropriately using her “Big Cat Rescue” name and logos. Springer also stated that Baskin’s enemies are feeding her false information about Joe’s financial assets.

Joe Exotic’s power of attorney overseeing his finances in prison claims he has no financial assets except for the money fans donate to his commissary, and believes that his enemies are feeding Carole Baskin false information about his financial earnings.

Joe Exotic’s financial situation has come to light as he fights against Carole Baskin’s attempt to seize his assets. Joe, who is currently serving a 21-year sentence for a murder-for-hire plot, has his finances overseen by his power of attorney, Janet Springer. However, when pressured to detail Joe’s earnings, Springer wrote “N/A” and a line of zeros, indicating that Joe does not have any significant assets to his name.

Despite this, Baskin filed for a garnishment in February 2021, seeking to collect on a nearly $1 million judgment against Joe for misappropriating her “Big Cat Rescue” name, logos, and images. Springer has suggested that Joe’s enemies may be feeding false information to Baskin about his financial situation, leading her to believe that he has significant assets.

While Springer has legal authority over Joe’s finances, the only money he receives is from fans who donate directly to his commissary account. Springer has denied any knowledge of Joe’s supposed wealth and suggested that Baskin’s efforts to seize his assets are misguided.

The case between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin gained widespread attention following the release of the hit Netflix documentary Tiger King. Despite Joe’s imprisonment, the case continues to be a source of drama and intrigue for viewers.

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