Johnny Depp’s teeth “rotting” due to wear & tear, says celebrity dentist Dr. Apa.

Celebrity dentist Dr. Apa has told Page Six that Johnny Depp’s “rotten” teeth are the result of “aggressive” wear and tear, caused by Depp’s passion for cigarillos and espresso. Apa recommends a good cleaning to remove severe stains from Depp’s teeth and porcelain veneers to resolve the wear. However, Depp has previously bragged about his teeth imperfections and his lack of interest in dental work.

Celebrity dentist Dr. Apa has stated that Johnny Depp’s teeth are the result of “aggressive” wear and tear and suggests a deep cleaning and porcelain veneers to reverse the damage.

Johnny Depp’s recent appearance at the Cannes Film Festival drew attention to his teeth, which some fans described as “rotting” inside his mouth. However, celebrity dentist Dr. Apa believes it’s a result of “aggressive” wear and tear, which has accumulated over time. Apa recommends a “really good cleaning” to remove the severe stains on Depp’s teeth, resulting from his love for espresso and cigarillos, and the fact that he likely hasn’t cleaned his teeth in years. The dentist suggests porcelain veneers to reestablish Depp’s bite, as his teeth have worn down significantly.

Depp himself has previously talked about his teeth, saying in a 1995 interview with Premiere magazine that he has “loads of cavities” and an unfinished root canal from eight years ago, which he called “a rotten little stub” at the time. He seemingly liked his flawed smile, comparing it to beaded items made by Indigenous people who would “always put imperfections on it”. Depp also criticized people with perfect teeth, saying he’d prefer to “swallow a tick” than have them.

Despite Depp’s love for wine and chain-smoking, Dr. Apa notes that his breath remained odorless. Apa believes that Depp’s passion for these things may be responsible for his “stainy” chompers. The dentist does suggest a “rugged but natural” look for Depp, whose status as a rocker is becoming as well known as his Hollywood career. It remains to be seen whether the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star will take up Apa’s recommendation of getting a deep cleaning or veneers for his teeth.

Dr. Apa has treated many other celebrities in the past, including Kendall Jenner, Simon Cowell, and Ramona Singer. He recommends veneers to many of his clients, as it gives them a new and improved smile and can help restore teeth worn down through the accumulation of acidic food and beverages, as well as general wear and tear over time. Dental veneers are thin layers that fit onto the top of an existing tooth. They can be made from porcelain or resin and can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance and care.

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