Josh Flagg Allegedly Refuses to Pay Partner Commission for Condo Sale

A real estate agent found an expired condo listing and told his colleague, who agreed to contact the owners. The colleague took on the property and eventually sold it, but has purportedly refused to share the commissions with the first agent. The condo was listed at $5.29 million and sold for $4.8 million.

Davis found a condo listing, introduced the owners to Flagg, who eventually sold the condo, but Flagg has refused to pay Davis any portion of the commissions owed.

A recent revelation has surfaced in the real-estate industry involving Josh Flagg, a celebrity realtor from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. According to reports, Flagg is facing a legal battle with his former partner, Bobby Boyd Davis, who is claiming he did not receive the rightful portion of his earnings from the sale of a property in West Hollywood.

The story first broke in February 2021, when Davis stumbled upon an expired listing for a luxury condo worth $5.29 million. As he was working with Flagg at the time, he brought the opportunity to Flagg’s attention, who apparently approved Davis contacting the owners of the property, Amy and Ben Zaites.

Following a successful meeting with the owners where Flagg himself was eventually brought on board, the property was sold for $4.8 million in April 2022. However, things took a turn for the worse when Davis claimed Flagg did not compensate him appropriately for his role in securing the sale. Despite the sale being a joint effort, it is alleged that Flagg refused to share the commissions as owed to Davis.

The ongoing legal dispute continues to unravel, with Davis recently filing a lawsuit against Flagg alleging breach of contract and fraud. The incident has sparked mounting interest from the media, with many speculating whether Flagg’s alleged refusal to pay commissions to a former partner could tarnish his reputation in the industry. For now, the case remains in the hands of the legal system.

As we wait for further updates on this developing case, it serves as a reminder that as much as business partnerships in the real-estate industry can be lucrative, ensuring clarity and transparency in all dealings is essential to avoid potential legal disputes.

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