Judge dismisses former RHOC star Lynne Curtin’s second divorce case

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin’s second divorce case was dismissed by a judge for the same reason as the first: neither party took action to move forward with the dissolution of their marriage. Curtin initially filed for divorce in 2012 but it was also dismissed by a judge in 2017. It is unclear why the couple failed to progress with the second divorce after four years.

Lynne Curtin’s second divorce case has been dismissed by an Orange County judge who cited a lack of progress and effort from both parties, marking the second time her request for divorce from her husband has been denied.

Title: Former RHOC Star Lynne Curtin’s Divorce Case Dismissed for the Second Time

Orange County, CA – In a surprising turn of events, former Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) star Lynne Curtin’s second divorce case has been dismissed by a judge. According to court documents, the dismissal came on July 17 after it was revealed that neither party took any steps to move forward with the dissolution of their marriage. This is the second time that a judge has pulled the plug on Curtin’s request for a divorce, raising questions about the status of their separation.

Curtin initially filed for divorce back in 2012, citing the need for a fresh start after more than 20 years of marriage. Despite expressing her love for her husband Frank at the time, she believed it was time to explore life on her own. However, her first filing was also dismissed in 2017 due to the lack of progress in the case. Undeterred, Curtin subsequently filed for divorce again in April 2019, listing their official separation date as January 19, 2012, and requested spousal support.

The couple, who tied the knot in 1990, has two adult daughters named Alexa and Raquel. Both girls made appearances alongside their mother on RHOC during seasons 4 and 5. It remains unclear why Lynne and Frank failed to move their second divorce forward after four years. Following their initial split, the former Bravo star had spoken out about finding solace in “a new love” and focusing on her jewelry line business.

In a past interview with BravoTV, Curtin shared her journey of self-discovery and growth, emphasizing her newfound happiness. She spoke about how she immersed herself in her business, finding success with her jewelry line available on her website and in stores. Curtin also expressed her joy as a grandmother, stating that her daughters were doing exceedingly well. The unexpected turn of events in her personal life raises questions about the future and whether a resolution will be reached between her and Frank.

It remains to be seen how this latest development will impact Lynne Curtin’s life moving forward. Fans and well-wishers await further updates on the status of her marriage and whether the couple will find a way to revisit their decision to part ways after over two decades together. As the details unfold, we can only hope for a resolution that brings clarity and peace to everyone involved.

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