Justin Theroux falls in love with character in upcoming HBO series “White House Plumbers”

Justin Theroux plays G. Gordon Liddy in the upcoming HBO series “White House Plumbers,” and admitted to falling a little bit in love with the character. Liddy, alongside E. Howard Hunt, were responsible for the botched DNC burglaries at the Watergate complex in 1972, and Theroux was drawn to Liddy’s personality and sense of optimism. Despite being a darkly funny series, Theroux describes it as the “ultimate Greek tragedy,” with the ultimate downfall of those who idolized President Nixon.

Justin Theroux admits to falling in love with his character G. Gordon Liddy in the upcoming HBO series “White House Plumbers,” despite Liddy’s infamous involvement in the Watergate scandal.

Justin Theroux Talks About His Role as G. Gordon Liddy in HBO’s “White House Plumbers”

Justin Theroux recently shared his experience playing G. Gordon Liddy in the upcoming HBO series “White House Plumbers.” The series tells the story of Liddy and E. Howard Hunt (played by Woody Harrelson), who planned the burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex in 1972. During an exclusive interview with Page Six, Theroux revealed that he fell in love with his character, who he described as having a Paul Bunyan-like personality with a punch-like quality. Liddy’s autobiography, “Will,” served as a source of inspiration for Theroux’s portrayal. Although he acknowledged some of Liddy’s unsavory habits, like playing recordings of Adolf Hitler’s speeches for guests, he said he was drawn to the optimism and joy Liddy displayed in living his life.

Theroux mentioned that falling in love with his character was necessary to play the role, even if the character was flawed. He said he found the right things and wished he could have asked Liddy or Hunt if they had any remorse or responsibility for their actions. The burglary led to an investigation, and the scandal eventually resulted in President Nixon’s resignation in 1974. Liddy was convicted and served nearly 52 months behind bars. Despite his conviction, he managed to reinvent himself as an occasional actor, guest panelist, and radio talk show host.

Theroux believes that “White House Plumbers” is the ultimate Greek tragedy, despite its darkly comedic moments. He noted that the guys who would have taken a bullet for Nixon caused his resignation. The premiere featured Harrelson, Lena Headey, Judy Greer, Ike Barinholtz, Domhnall Gleeson, and Kathleen Turner in attendance. The show will premiere on HBO on May 1st.

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