Kathy Hilton has a meltdown, wreaking havoc on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Aspen trip

Kathy’s costar Diana Jenkins witnessed her raging and screaming at the girls, particularly Kyle. Lisa Rinna left the club with Kathy, but drama continued as Kathy got into a verbal altercation with the DJ over a Michael Jackson song. In the sprinter van, Kathy was heard threatening to take down NBC, Bravo, and the show single-handedly.

Kathy Hilton allegedly had a meltdown at a nightclub and later threatened to take down NBC and Bravo during a heated conversation with Lisa Rinna.

Actress Kathy Hilton, known for her appearances on the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has found herself in the middle of drama yet again. According to sources, her behavior at a party on May 23, 2021, left her costar and friend Diana Jenkins concerned. Jenkins reported seeing Hilton “completely raging and screaming at the girls and mostly at Kyle.” Fellow cast member Lisa Rinna accompanied Hilton as they left the club, but the drama didn’t end there.

Reportedly, there was a verbal altercation between Hilton and the DJ over a Michael Jackson song request. When Rinna and Hilton entered a sprinter van, Hilton continued to express her outrage, threatening to take down NBC and Bravo, the networks that air “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Rinna was taken aback by Hilton’s behavior, stating, “I will f—— ruin you all. What in the holy f—— h—?”

Hilton’s behavior has become a point of concern for some fans of the show. In the past, Hilton has been known for her eccentric behavior and unique personality. However, her recent outburst has raised questions about her ability to handle the pressures that come with being a reality TV star. Some fans worry that Hilton’s outbursts may adversely affect the show’s reputation.

Despite this incident, Hilton’s costars have expressed their support for her. Rinna, for example, shared a post on Instagram expressing love and appreciation for Hilton. Fans of the show will have to wait and see how Hilton’s behavior affects the future of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

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