Katy Perry Criticized for Humiliating Singing Duo & Mom-Shaming Contestant on American Idol

Katy has faced criticism for her harsh comments towards contestants in the past, and is again facing backlash for humiliating a singing duo on national TV by demanding they perform without rehearsing and then criticizing their performance as “underwhelming”. Additionally, Katy was accused of mom-shaming and insulting a contestant who ultimately quit the show after revealing she was a mother of three. During the incident, Katy pretended to faint while fellow judge Luke Bryan fanned her and made a snide remark to the contestant.

Katy Perry is facing backlash for humiliating a singing duo and insulting a contestant’s motherhood on a singing competition show.

Pop star Katy Perry, who is known for her outspoken personality and fiery wit, has once again come under fire for her harsh comments towards singing contestants on the television show “American Idol.” According to an insider source, fans were recently upset over the way Perry had humiliated a singing duo during a live broadcast. The source claimed that Perry had demanded the duo perform before they had a chance to rehearse and then proceeded to blast their work as “underwhelming” in front of a national audience.

This incident came on the heels of another major controversy involving Perry, who was accused of mom-shaming and insulting a 25-year-old contestant named Sara Beth Liebe. After Liebe revealed that she was a mother of three, Perry pretended to stagger away from the judges’ table while her fellow judge, Luke Bryan, fanned her. “If Katy lays on the table,” Liebe said, “I think I’m going to pass out.” Perry responded with a snippy remark, saying “Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much.”

These incidents have sparked outrage among fans of the show, who feel that Perry’s comments were unnecessarily harsh and cruel. Many have taken to social media to express their frustration with the pop star’s behavior, with some even calling for her to be removed from the show entirely. Others have defended Perry, arguing that her tough love approach is necessary to help contestants become better singers.

Regardless of how one feels about Perry’s behavior, it seems clear that her comments have had a significant impact on both contestants and fans alike. It remains to be seen how the controversy will affect her standing on the show, but one thing is certain – Katy Perry’s sharp tongue is not likely to be silenced anytime soon.

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