Keanu Reeves rumored to make theater debut in “Waiting for Godot” play

Keanu Reeves may make his theater debut in Samuel Beckett’s play, “Waiting for Godot.” While there is no word yet on the production or direction of the play, multiple theater insiders have heard that the actor will appear in it. Reeves has expressed interest in starring in a musical in the past but lamented that he cannot sing very well.

Keanu Reeves is rumored to make his theater debut in Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot” on Broadway.

Theater insiders are abuzz with rumors that Keanu Reeves may be making his theater debut in Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.” Although there has been no official word on who will be producing and directing the play, sources claim that Reeves, star of “John Wick,” has been tapped to star in the production.

Reeves, known for his iconic roles in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “The Matrix,” has previously expressed interest in starring in a musical but has lamented his inability to sing. Nonetheless, he remains enthusiastic and optimistic about the possibility of taking on such a challenge. “I would love to be in a musical,” he says. “But I can’t sing so I’m not sure anybody else would want me in a musical… but I sure would try. I mean I could sing, but not really well. I can always dream.”

“Waiting for Godot” is a well-known play that has enjoyed many successful productions featuring actors such as Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, John Turturro, Ethan Hawke, and Steve Martin. However, some theater experts have criticized the idea of Reeves making his theater debut in this particular play, claiming that it is a ploy by certain producers to secure a big-name star for a play that is not likely to succeed.

Reeves, who recently starred in “John Wick 4,” is a known theater enthusiast and was spotted in the audience last year at “American Buffalo” to see his “Matrix” co-star Laurence Fishburne. Regardless of whether or not these rumors turn out to be true, it is clear that Reeves is passionate about the world of theater and is eager to continue exploring new opportunities within it.

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