Kelly Dodd & Rick Leventhal List Stunning East Coast Home – Exclusive Details

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal have listed their 4-bedroom home in Westhampton for $1.495 million. The house, which has been a retreat for Leventhal for 25 years, features upgrades by Dodd and a spacious backyard with a heated pool and outside bar. The couple, who live in California, plan to buy a rental property closer to their home in Orange County.

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal have listed their 4-bedroom East Coast home for $1.495 million, as they no longer find it practical since they live in California and don’t plan on moving to New York.

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal, the power couple, have decided to sell their stunning 4-bedroom home on the East Coast. The 1,378-square-foot property, located in Westhampton, has been a part of Rick Leventhal’s life for nearly three decades. The couple listed the house for $1.495 million, highlighting its impressive features, including recent upgrades done by Leventhal and designed by Dodd. The backyard is a dream for entertainment lovers, with a spacious deck featuring an outside bar, shower, and a large heated pool for maximum privacy.

Leventhal shared his emotional connection to the Westhampton pad, calling it his “great escape” from city life for the past 25 years. He described it as a place of tranquility where he could unwind from the stresses of daily life and his demanding television career. Giving credit to his wife’s keen eye for design, Leventhal expressed his gratitude for Dodd’s TLC in making the house feel like a home. However, due to their California residence and no plans of relocating to New York, selling the property has become a more practical decision.

Additionally, the couple has utilized the property as a rental in the past but has now decided to bid farewell to the picturesque house with its breathtaking views of Moriches Bay. Leventhal revealed that they are considering purchasing another rental property closer to their Orange County home, potentially in San Diego, Newport, or Lake Arrowhead. Their recent acquisition of a 3-bed, 3-bath estate in Palm Desert, which they impressively upgraded with a pickleball court in the backyard, has added to their busy schedule. With their thriving podcasts, Daily Smash on YouTube and The Rick & Kelly Show on Patreon, the couple is also gearing up for a live show at The Daxton Hotel in Michigan.

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal’s decision to sell their East Coast home reflects a practicality in their current living situation and a desire for new real estate ventures closer to their California residence. Their long-lasting connection to the Westhampton property and the personal touch of Dodd’s design work have undoubtedly made it a special place for them. As their careers continue to flourish, the couple’s endeavors extend beyond television, with their popular podcasts and upcoming live show. With their unwavering commitment to new adventures, it’ll be exciting to see where their real estate journey takes them next.

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