Kendall Jenner rocks $6.8k leather pants made to look like denim & $6.9k printed leather shirt from Bottega Veneta.

Kendall Jenner was seen wearing a pair of Bottega Veneta leather pants made to look like regular denim, which cost $6,800. She paired it with a leather shirt from the same brand, priced at $6,900. The innovative “trompe l’oeil” designs are a signature of the brand under creative director Matthieu Blazy, with pieces such as T-shirts ($3,100), sweaters ($6,800), and polos ($5,900) available in the same style.

Kendall Jenner wore a pair of Bottega Veneta pants made of leather that are designed to look like denim jeans, which cost $6,800, as part of her daytime outfit in New York City.

Kendall Jenner was spotted in NYC wearing a denim-inspired look that would cause anyone’s wallet to weep. The Bottega Veneta pants she wore, which she paired with a white tank top and Adidas Sambas, may look like a simple pair of straight-leg jeans, but in reality, they are crafted from leather printed to look like denim. This trompe l’oeil creation comes at a hefty price tag of $6,800. A$AP Rocky has also been seen sporting the deceptively upscale design.

Jenner paired her pricey pants with a Bottega Veneta leather shirt that was printed in a similar style to the denim-inspired pants. The classic blue cotton button-up look-alike shirt is also made of leather and costs $6,900. Her head-to-toe look may have a casual vibe, but the sky-high cost is anything but casual.

Bottega Veneta’s new creative director, Matthieu Blazy, has made trompe l’oeil a signature part of his collections since taking over from Daniel Lee in 2021. Kate Moss even modeled a pair of leather trousers that looked like regular jeans, along with a leather “flannel” at Bottega Veneta’s spring 2023 show. According to Vogue, her plaid leather required 12 layers of prints to convincingly resemble real flannel.

Blazy explained to Vogue that the leather trompe l’oeil look created by Bottega Veneta is an extreme version of casual comfort that they call “perverse banality.” The brand also sells trompe l’oeil T-shirts, polos, argyle sweaters, and flannels, all made of leather and all at prices that can break any budget.

It’s no secret that Kendall Jenner has a long history with Bottega Veneta; she has been walking the brand’s runways at Milan Fashion Week since 2014 and is regularly seen incorporating the brand’s popular bags, shoes, and outerwear into her street style outfits. But with the recent trompe l’oeil leather jeans and shirts, Bottega Veneta has taken casual comfort to new, extreme heights, pricing the looks way beyond the reach of ordinary fashion lovers.

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