Kenya Moore & Marc Daly Battle for Custody of Daughter Brooklyn

Kenya and Marc agreed that she would have primary custody before their divorce. Marc now demands joint legal custody for a voice in important life decisions. He also attempted to block Brooklyn from filming Real Housewives of Atlanta without his approval.

Marc Daly requested joint legal custody of his daughter with Kenya Moore and attempted to block her from filming for Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kenya Moore’s custody battle with her ex-husband, Marc Daly, just took an unexpected turn. Prior to their divorce, the couple had agreed that Kenya would have primary custody of their daughter, Brooklyn. However, Marc has now demanded joint legal custody, which would give him a say in important life decisions.

This demand has created a contentious legal battle between the former couple. The issue was further complicated when Marc attempted to prevent Brooklyn from appearing on the reality show, “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” He wanted to exert control over what he believed was in the best interests of their daughter, but Kenya was determined to have Brooklyn on the show.

Kenya’s supporters argue that Marc’s demand for joint legal custody is simply him trying to maintain control over her life. They argue that he is only interested in using his position of power to try to dictate Kenya’s actions.

It remains to be seen how the legal battle will be resolved, but it is clear that this is a complicated issue. Kenya and Marc will have to put aside their differences and focus on the best interests of their daughter if they are going to come to a resolution that benefits everyone involved.

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