Kesha’s Serious Complications After Freezing Her Eggs

Kesha experienced serious complications after freezing her eggs earlier this year, resulting in a nine-day hospital stay and nearly dying. Although she didn’t provide details about the experience, she mentioned developing a rare complication due to a weakened immune system. After a couple of months, she finally began to feel recovered.

Kesha had a serious complication after freezing her eggs, leading her to spend nine days in the hospital and almost losing her life.

Title: Kesha Opens Up About Life-Threatening Health Scare and Relationship Status

In a revealing cover story for Self magazine, Kesha, the renowned singer, recently shared her experience of spending nine days in the hospital earlier this year due to serious complications arising from freezing her eggs. The 36-year-old artist described the ordeal as “horrifying” and disclosed that she developed an uncommon and severe complication from the fertility procedure, likely due to a weakened immune system.

The Grammy-nominated singer, who said she is finally feeling recovered after a few months, expressed her determination to take charge of her reproductive health by undergoing the procedure. While Kesha did not divulge specific details about her health scare, she admitted that the aftermath left her too weak to walk after performing in the Bahamas. This led to her hospitalization in Miami for an extensive period. Despite the frightening experience, Kesha firmly stood by her decision, emphasizing the importance of honoring her body.

Speaking about her personal life, Kesha shared an anecdote about her unnamed boyfriend, describing how she recently scared him when she broke out in head-to-toe hives. She jokingly recalled how her partner had to intervene and take away her face creams to prevent further mishaps. Although the singer did not reveal her partner’s identity, she did mention their involvement in her life, providing a glimpse into her current relationship.

Interestingly, Kesha’s cover story for Self magazine coincides with her revelation to Rolling Stone, two months prior, regarding a secret engagement that was eventually called off. The singer has previously been linked romantically to writer Brad Ashenfelter and drummer Alex Carapetis, though she has chosen not to define her sexuality strictly along conventional lines. Kesha shared her struggle of growing up as someone who didn’t fit the conventional straight label, seeking acceptance and a sense of community in various churches before finding solace in her own spirituality.

Kesha’s candid interview sheds light on her personal journey, highlighting her resilience in the face of adversity and her unwavering commitment to self-discovery. As fans eagerly await her future projects, the singer’s story serves as an inspiration to embrace one’s own unique path, both in personal relationships and matters of health and well-being.

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