Kevin Aviance gains fans after Beyoncé samples his song on her album “Renaissance”.

New York drag icon Kevin Aviance performed his 27-year-old song “C**ty,” which was sampled by Beyoncé on her album last year, at a Pride event. The crowd loved it and cheered him on as he performed three songs, including the sampled one. Aviance expressed his gratitude and excitement about Beyoncé recognizing and using his song.

New York drag icon Kevin Aviance gains popularity after Beyoncé samples his song “C**ty” on her album, and he performs the track at a Pride celebration, receiving enthusiastic support from the crowd.

Title: Beyoncé Samples Kevin Aviance’s Iconic Song “C**ty” on Latest Album

In a remarkable twist, New York drag icon Kevin Aviance continues to captivate audiences and gain recognition as Beyoncé recently sampled his iconic 1996 song “C**ty” on her latest album, “Renaissance.” Aviance’s enduring appeal was showcased during his electrifying performance at the Daily’s annual Pride cocktail party held at the glamorous New York RT60 rooftop and lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Aviance’s Memorable Performance:
The exhilarating atmosphere was palpable as guests eagerly lined up in the lounge area, eagerly anticipating Aviance’s performance. As he took to the stage, the crowd erupted with cheers and applause, reveling in his mesmerizing stage presence. Aviance stole the show with his runway-style showcase, seamlessly performing three songs, including the one Beyoncé had sampled. Model Victoria Brito, caught up in the excitement, enthusiastically recorded the performance on her phone, exclaiming, “Come on baby! Come on!”

Beyoncé’s Surprise Sampling:
Aviance’s astonishment knew no bounds when he discovered that Beyoncé had sampled his evocative track for her song “Pure/Honey,” released last year. In light of this unexpected recognition, Aviance expressed his heartfelt gratitude, feeling validated and honored. He shared his emotions with Page Six, stating, “I feel like someone heard me. I’m vindicated. She gets it. I’m just so honored and overwhelmed.”

Celebrating Pride and Empowering the Community:
During the Daily’s celebration, Aviance took a moment to address the significance of Pride, emphasizing its dual role as a celebration and a protest. His impassioned speech urged unity and solidarity within the LGBTQ+ community, asserting that their presence was undeniable and deserved respect. Eddie Roche, the Daily’s chief content officer, echoed Aviance’s sentiments at the party, emphasizing the importance of standing together to champion LGBTQ+ rights. Roche proclaimed, “Pride and equality are always in fashion!”

Notable Attendance and Support:
The star-studded event boasted an impressive guest list, with notable attendees including Gillian Hearst, Marc Bouwer, Sophie Sumner, CT Hedden, Daniel Walters, and Jack James Busa of the Muses. Though not physically present, Jennifer Lopez’s Delola cocktails brand contributed to the festivities by supplying the libations. A few fortunate partygoers concluded the night by enjoying a delightful dining experience at the hotel’s renowned NYY Steak restaurant.

In a world where everything old is new again, Aviance’s timeless music found a renewed spotlight through Beyoncé’s recognition. This resurgence not only showcases Aviance’s artistry but also highlights the importance of inclusivity and unity within the LGBTQ+ community. As the boundaries of creative expression continue to be pushed, it is clear that Aviance’s powerful vocals continue to resonate with a new generation, solidifying his status as a drag icon.

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