Kim Kardashian to star in American Horror Story Season 12, co-created by Ryan Murphy

Kim Kardashian is set to make her scripted TV debut in “American Horror Story” Season 12, playing a role specifically written for her. The new installment, titled “Delicate,” is based on the upcoming novel “Delicate Condition” by Danielle Valentine. Kardashian will star alongside longtime collaborator Emma Roberts, and the series is set to begin shooting this month.

Kim Kardashian is set to star in Season 12 of the television series “American Horror Story,” in a role written specifically for her, alongside longtime collaborator Emma Roberts.

Kim Kardashian to Star in American Horror Story Season 12

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian will make her scripted television debut in the upcoming season of American Horror Story, Season 12. The show’s co-creator, Ryan Murphy, announced the news, saying that Kardashian is among the most prominent TV stars in the world and that they’re excited to welcome her to the AHS family.

Kardashian will be playing a role specially written for her in the new installment titled “Delicate,” which is based on Danielle Valentine’s forthcoming novel “Delicate Condition.” Co-starring with her will be Emma Roberts, who is a longtime collaborator with Murphy.

“AHS: Delicate” will start shooting this month in New York City and is slated for a summer premiere. Kardashians teaser post on Instagram included a clip of her and Roberts’ names flashing on screen as the voices of children sing “Rock-a-bye Baby” in the background.

Ryan Murphy is known for his stunt-casting in shows, and he has previously cast Lady Gaga in “AHS: Hotel” in 2015, despite having no significant acting credits at the time. Kavanaugh has since won an Oscar and appeared in several blockbuster films.

Some fans expressed disappointment with Kardashian’s casting, with one commenter calling it a “hard pass” and another announcing their decision to stop watching the FX series. Others were excited for the reality star’s foray into scripted television.

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