Kim Zolciak caught loading personal belongings to prevent ex-husb & from seizing them, leading to verbal disagreements & disputes over marital property.

In a heated exchange, Kim Zolciak was seen frantically loading her belongings into a white Range Rover to keep her ex from seizing it. She even tried to keep officers on the scene to prevent her ex from stopping her. Biermann recorded the incident on his phone, presumably for divorce court purposes.

Kim Zolciak was seen frantically trying to load a Range Rover with her personal belongings to prevent her ex-husband from seizing it, while the former NFL star whipped out his cell phone to record the event.

In the midst of a contentious divorce, reality TV star Kim Zolciak and her ex-husband, former NFL player Kroy Biermann, were caught in a heated incident as officers were leaving their home. Zolciak was observed loading a white Range Rover with her personal belongings, in an apparent attempt to keep Biermann from seizing it. She pleaded with the officers to stay on the scene to prevent her ex from halting her efforts.

Meanwhile, Biermann whipped out his cell phone to record the event, presumably for divorce court. The police report states that the couple engaged in several verbal disagreements, including Biermann putting his attorney on speaker phone to inform Zolciak of the definition of marital property. As the police prepared the five-page report, Biermann called 911 to report Zolciak for using his credit card, sparking a fresh dispute over whether the card was marital property.

The incident reflects the acrimony and contentiousness of the couple’s divorce proceedings, which have played out in the public eye and on their reality show. The couple, who have six children, have been married since 2011 and announced their split in May 2018. They have been in a legal battle over property and child custody issues ever since.

While the couple was once known for their love and loyalty on their reality show, their ongoing divorce serves as a reminder that even the most glamorous and seemingly perfect relationships can come to an ugly end. The couple’s attempts to preserve their respective assets and privileges illustrate the importance of having proper legal representation and a solid understanding of the complexities of divorce law.

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