Kim Zolciak faces TV paycheck seizure over $215k American Express debt

American Express attempted to seize Kim Zolciak’s TV paychecks in order to recover a $215k debt. The credit card company sent legal documents to the producers of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy, but was told that they did not owe Zolciak any money. Zolciak was accused of refusing to pay the bill in 2018, but a judge granted a default judgement against her in 2019.

American Express attempted to seize reality star Kim Zolciak’s TV paychecks over a $215k debt stemming from a 2018 lawsuit, but the production company and Atlanta Falcons both denied owing her any money.

American Express has tried to seize the earnings of reality star Kim Zolciak from her television appearances, in response to her debt of $215,925.90. Court documents obtained in August 2019 show Amex contacted the producers of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy, Truly Entertainment LLC, requesting that they hold all money, wages and other property belonging to Zolciak, except what was known to be exempt, starting from the day of service and continuing for the next 179 days.

At this point, Zolciak had left RHOA and was featuring in Don’t Be Tardy, a show that focused on her family, but the production company replied that they had no money owed to Zolciak anyway. At the same time, American Express made a separate demand to the Atlanta Falcons, where Zolciak’s husband Kroy used to work, although the reasoning behind this demand remains unknown. The legal action started in November 2018, when Amex filed suit against Zolciak, claiming that despite numerous demands, she had refused to pay off her bill.

The company alleged that Zolciak had agreed to and was obligated to pay Amex for all extended credit on her account. The papers were served on Kroy on February 19, 2018, but Zolciak failed to attend court to address the accusations. As a result, the judge granted a default judgment on May 9, 2019, which ordered the reality star to pay damages of $215,822.68.

Amex had been trying to recover the debt as recently as 2020, when it tried to garnish Zolciak’s bank account at Suntrust Bank. However, it found that the RHOA star had no assets held there. It has also emerged that Zolciak and her husband are facing foreclosure on their Georgia home, which is due to go under the hammer next month.

The situation highlights the ongoing problem of unpaid debts, even among high-profile individuals, and the lengths to which creditors may go to recover funds owed. Although it is not known what will happen in this case, it serves as a reminder that late or non-payment of debts can have serious and long-lasting consequences.

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