Kim Zolciak Issues Subpoenas to Chanel, Jewelry Store Amid Divorce Battle with Kroy Biermann

Kim Zolciak’s on the warpath. Subpoenas are flying left and right, aimed straight at Chanel and a fancy jewelry store. Why? Well, she’s in the thick of a bitter divorce.

Her soon-to-be ex? Kroy Biermann. And let me tell ya, it’s getting messy.

‘RHOA’ fans, you know Kim. Her lawyer’s digging deep, hunting for answers. They’re knocking on the doors of high-end fashion giants like Chanel. Oh, and they’re not stopping there. Guven Fine Jewelry’s also on the list.’s got the scoop. They’ve been tracking this divorce battle like it’s their job. Well, it kinda is.

Samantha Benitz reported the drama on March 27, 2024. Hit the presses at half-past three in the afternoon, ET. And folks, this story? It’s just heating up.

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