Kim Zolciak Must Pay Unpaid Target Card as Debt Surpasses $1 Million, Struggles to Sell Atlanta Mansion Amid Divorce Battle

Kim Zolciak’s got a problem. A big one. She’s been ordered to cough up the dough for her unpaid Target credit card. And we’re not talking chump change; her debt’s ballooned past the $1 million mark.

Struggling, she is. That ATL mansion of hers? It’s become a tough sell. You know how it is with real estate – sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s not.

Meanwhile, the reality star’s in the ring with her ex, a former NFL big shot. They’re duking it out over the kids – who gets ’em, who pays for ’em. It’s a full-blown custody and child support battle, folks.

Ryan Naumann’s the one spilling the tea. He dropped this bomb on us March 25, 2024. If you were sipping your coffee at 11:30 a.m. ET, that’s when the news hit.

Life, huh? It throws curveballs. And Kim? She’s batting with a heavy heart and an empty wallet.

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