Kim Zolciak Selling Designer Handbags, Clothes & More for Top Dollar

Kim is selling designer handbags, including a $12,000 Chanel suitacase bag. She is also selling slightly used and brand new clothing. Despite her alleged money issues, she is asking for high prices for her items.

Kim is selling a variety of designer handbags and clothing, including a $12,000 Chanel suitcase and a hot pink Prada backpack for $2,000 with tags still attached.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann, former star of reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is currently selling a range of designer items, including high-end handbags and clothing. The star, who is 44 years old, has listed these luxury items for purchase, although they come with a significant price tag.

One of the most expensive items for sale is a Chanel acrylic suitcase bag priced at $12,000. This bag has been listed as “never carried,” indicating that it is brand new. Another desirable item on her list is a Chanel tote worth $7,500. Additionally, there is a brand-new Fendi bag up for sale, priced at $6,750, followed by a $2,000 hot pink Prada backpack with the tags still attached.

Despite claims of financial instability, Kim is also selling several pre-used pieces of clothing, as well as items that are brand new with tags. Fans who are interested in purchasing these high-end pieces can do so through Kim’s personal website.

Kim’s selling of these items has sparked mixed reactions from critics and fans alike. While some view this as a desperate attempt to raise money, others see it as an opportunity to get their hands on these luxury items at a discounted rate. Regardless of the reason for the sale, it has garnered attention from media outlets and fans, leaving many wondering what’s next for the former reality star.

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