Kim Zolciak’s Friend Speaks Out on Alleged Threat of Arrest by Kroy Biermann

Kim Zolciak’s friend, Elise Humphries, has addressed the allegations that Kroy Biermann threatened to have her arrested for kidnapping their 12-year-old son. Humphries clarified that Zolciak gave her permission to take their son on a playdate, and there was no kidnapping involved. Humphries accused Biermann of falsely accusing her to gain an advantage in their custody battle.

Humphries defended Zolciak, stating that she did not misuse the 911 system when calling the police about the incident. She also criticized Biermann’s controlling behavior and asked for prayers for Zolciak and the children. Biermann allegedly overreacted to the playdate due to mistrust of Zolciak’s friend, and the incident occurred during their messy divorce process.

Kim Zolciak’s friend Elise Humphries denies allegations of kidnapping and explains that Zolciak gave her permission to take their son on a playdate, suggesting that Kroy Biermann threatened kidnapping charges in order to gain an advantage in their custody battle.

Title: Kim Zolciak’s Friend Denies Kidnapping Allegations Amid Contentious Divorce

In a recent development surrounding the contentious divorce between reality TV star Kim Zolciak and her estranged husband Kroy Biermann, a friend of Zolciak’s, Elise Humphries, has come forward to refute kidnapping allegations made against her. Posting a detailed statement on her Instagram Story, Humphries explained that she had received permission from Zolciak to take their 12-year-old son, KJ, on a playdate with her own daughter to the rodeo. She vehemently denied any wrongdoing, asserting that there was “zero kidnapping” involved.

According to Humphries, the threat of filing kidnapping charges was a strategic move by Biermann to strengthen his position in the ongoing custody battle against Zolciak. She claimed that Biermann was attempting to exert control over every aspect of the children’s lives to secure full custody and child support. Humphries further defended Zolciak, asserting that her friend had acted out of genuine concern and fear when contacting the authorities, rather than misusing the emergency system.

In a leaked recording of the 911 call, Zolciak can be heard expressing her distress over her son’s emotional state, alleging that he was left “shaking and hysterically crying” due to the incident. Humphries also shed light on Biermann’s behavior during the divorce proceedings, describing it as narcissistic and controlling. She emphasized the need for support and prayers for Zolciak and the children as they navigate this challenging situation.

The reported confrontation occurred against the backdrop of Zolciak and Biermann’s messy divorce, following 11 years of marriage. The former couple shares six children, including Zolciak’s adult daughters Brielle and Ariana, whom Biermann adopted. Divorce documents revealed heated allegations, with Biermann demanding drug tests for Zolciak and accusing her of having a gambling problem that had financially impacted him. He also alleged that Zolciak exhibited abusive behavior, necessitating the protection of their children.

In response to the allegations, Zolciak’s lawyer expressed concern about the potential long-term effects of the divorce playing out in the media, particularly on the children. Zolciak herself has refuted the accusations, deeming them harmful and fabricated. With the divorce proceedings ongoing, the situation remains highly charged, highlighting the complexities and emotional toll associated with divorce and child custody battles.

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