Kim Zolciak’s Husband Faces New Lawsuit After Police Called to Mansion for Fight

Kroy Biermann has been accused by Chase of failing to pay his credit card balance of $13,071.88, with the bank demanding full payment. Biermann and Kim Zolciak have faced a series of lawsuits and financial troubles, including a federal tax lien and a foreclosure auction on their home. Zolciak pleaded with the court for more time to sell their home, expressing concern about the impact on their children if they were left homeless.

Chase has filed a lawsuit against Kroy Biermann for failing to pay an outstanding credit card balance of $13,071.88, and Biermann and Kim Zolciak are facing multiple financial issues, including a federal tax lien and impending foreclosure on their home.

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are facing yet another legal issue, this time involving an unpaid credit card bill. According to court documents, Chase Bank has accused Biermann of failing to pay his credit card balance of $13,071.88, citing purchases at a bakery in Atlanta, an Uber ride, and a $700 payment to a woman named Tracey. The bank has filed a lawsuit demanding full payment from Biermann, adding to the couple’s recent financial woes.

This latest lawsuit comes on the heels of multiple legal battles for the reality TV couple. They were recently ordered to pay $230,000 over an unpaid loan and faced a federal tax lien for more than $1 million in back taxes. Additionally, Biermann was mandated to surrender the keys to a Rolls Royce after defaulting on payments, while Zolciak was accused of nonpayment on her Target credit card.

Despite their financial troubles, the couple is still living together in their 7-bedroom, 9-bathroom mansion in Alpharetta, Georgia. The pair had listed the property for sale at $6 million and recently filed a lawsuit against Truist Bank to postpone a scheduled foreclosure auction. In a declaration to the court, Zolciak expressed urgency in needing more time to sell the property, citing the potential impact on their children if they were to lose their home.

Zolciak pleaded with the court, stating, “Kroy and I will face insurmountable financial hardships, and the most devastating consequence will be the impact on our children, who would be left homeless.” The couple is currently awaiting a ruling on their request to postpone the foreclosure auction.

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