Kourtney Kardashian trolled for uncharacteristic pink Easter outfit choice

Kourtney Kardashian faced backlash for her Easter outfit, which was a pastel pink ruffly blouse and lace bustier attached to a flower-printed skirt. Many criticized the ensemble, with some calling it “grandma vibes” and “ugly dress”, and others suggesting she dye her hair back from its current dark roots. However, some fans supported the outfit, with a few referring to it as “refreshing”.

Kourtney Kardashian is being criticized for her pastel pink Easter outfit that some likened to “grandma vibes” and “JCPennys.”

Kourtney Kardashian, the reality TV star, has recently faced backlash online after sharing her Easter outfit on Instagram. The all-pink ensemble, which included a ruffled tie-front blouse, a lace bustier and a floor-length flower-printed skirt, was accompanied by plastic brown sunglasses and Kourtney’s unattended deep-rooted blonde hair. Social media users have criticized the outfit, calling it “unflattering”, “horrible” and “ugly”.

However, there were some who defended the outfit, saying it was “beautiful” and “refreshing” to see Kourtney in colors. Some found solace in the fact that at least it was not black and gothic. Kourtney’s style has otherwise been described as that of her rocker husband, Travis Barker.

While some critics took issue with her outfit, others took aim at her hair roots, suggesting that it might be time for her to dye back her hair. Her outfit reminded others of the 90s or 2007, even though it was on theme for the springtime holiday.

The negative comments accelerated when one user compared Kourtney’s outfit to a “pink nightmare”. Despite the haters, Kourtney’s fashion choice simply shows the star’s bold fashion sense and her willingness to experiment with different outfits.

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