Kris Jenner denies being willing to overlook Tristan’s infidelity for ratings

Contrary to a source’s claim, Kris Jenner is not willing to overlook Tristan Thompson’s repeated infidelities for the sake of ratings. This is despite her previously praising Thompson’s growth as a father, friend, brother, uncle, and son on his birthday. Jenner’s attitude towards Thompson’s behavior remains unknown.

Reports that Kris Jenner is willing to overlook Tristan Thompson’s infidelities for the sake of boosting ratings are false, despite her public birthday message to Thompson.

Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian family, has been making headlines recently for her alleged willingness to forgive Tristan Thompson’s repeated cheating scandals. According to an unnamed source, Kris was apparently happy to “turn the other cheek” when it came to Tristan’s infidelities, as long as it meant good ratings for the family’s reality TV show. However, sources close to Kris have now come forward to refute these claims.

Despite the rumors, one insider has revealed that Kris is not as forgiving as some might think. While she may have expressed her love and support for Tristan on his birthday, this should not be taken as a sign that she is willing to ignore his past behavior. Kris is said to be fiercely protective of her family and has made it clear that cheating is not something she will tolerate.

In fact, Kris has been known to take a hard line when it comes to her daughters’ relationships. When her daughter Khloe was cheated on by Tristan in the past, Kris reportedly insisted that he take a lie detector test to prove that he was telling the truth about his infidelity. This shows that Kris isn’t simply willing to let things slide in order to boost TV ratings.

Overall, it seems that the rumors about Kris’s attitude towards Tristan are overblown. While she may have a certain public persona to maintain, her first priority is always going to be her family’s well-being. Cheating is a serious offense in her eyes, and she is not going to sacrifice her principles for the sake of a TV show.

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