Kroy Reacts to News of Kim Zolciak Filing for Divorce & Custody Battle Ensues Over Four Children

Kroy was informed by a server that Kim had filed for divorce. However, Kroy reportedly took the papers and walked away without giving the server a chance to explain. Both Kim and Kroy have filed separate divorce cases and are seeking primary custody of their four minor children.

Kroy was informed by a server that Kim had filed for divorce, and both parties are seeking primary custody of their four children.

When a recent video of reality TV star Kroy Biermann went viral, fans were shocked at his reaction to news of his wife Kim Zolciak’s divorce filing. The incident took place at a restaurant where Kroy was enjoying a meal with friends, and the server approached him to inform him of the news. Upon hearing this, Kroy reportedly took the papers from the server and walked away without a word.

According to the server, Kroy was on the phone the entire time, and didn’t give her the chance to explain anything to him. The video clip shows Kroy looking visibly upset upon hearing the news, but his subsequent actions are what shocked many fans. It seems he was not interested in engaging with the server or discussing the matter further.

As it turns out, the divorce filing was not unexpected, as both Kim and Kroy had filed separate cases in court just a few days prior. Both parties were seeking primary custody of their four children together. Fans of the couple were saddened to hear the news, as they had been together for many years and had built a life and a family together.

Given the public nature of their relationship, it’s no surprise that many people have been following this story closely. While it’s always difficult to see a family go through a divorce, fans are hopeful that Kim and Kroy will be able to co-parent their children in a healthy and positive way going forward. Only time will tell what the future holds for this high-profile couple.

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