Kyle discusses her relationship with Mauricio & her struggles with family dynamics, mentioning his busy schedule on Dancing With the Stars.

Kyle and Mauricio were questioned about the status of their relationship, and Kyle expressed their strong family bond and love for each other. She also mentioned the challenges of her children living at home and her ex’s busy schedule. Kyle became emotional while discussing their love and received support from the panel host.

Kyle discussed her relationship with Mauricio, emphasizing their strong family bond and love for each other, and became emotional when talking about their situation.

In a recent panel appearance, Kyle opened up about her relationship with Mauricio, addressing the question of where they currently “stand.” The Bravo star expressed that they still have a strong bond, stating, “We love each other very much, and we are family no matter what happens, and we have a very strong family unit.” She also mentioned the challenges of balancing her work life with the fact that her three daughters still live at home, adding that she often finds herself wondering “who’s going to be home for dinner tonight.”

The conversation turned to Mauricio’s involvement in Dancing With the Stars, with Kyle sharing that his busy schedule meant that he “wasn’t around as much.” Despite this, she reiterated the love and closeness that they share, although she became visibly emotional and had to turn the microphone away as she began to choke up. The host of the panel offered comfort during this vulnerable moment.

It’s clear that Kyle’s love and dedication to her family remains unwavering, despite the challenges of balancing personal and professional lives. Her candid and emotional discussion provides a glimpse into the complexities of maintaining relationships and navigating life’s ups and downs.

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