Kyle Richards Addresses Rumors About Her Relationship Status & Separation from Mauricio Umansky

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards refused to confirm or deny dating rumors with country singer Morgan Wade when asked by paparazzi. Richards, who recently separated from her husband of 27 years, stated that she is not single and that she and Wade are “very good friends.” The couple released a joint statement emphasizing their love, respect, and denial of any claims regarding their divorce.

Kyle Richards remained tight-lipped about her rumored relationship with country singer Morgan Wade, stating that they are “very good friends” but refusing to disclose any further details.

Title: Kyle Richards Addresses Dating Rumors and Separation in Recent Paparazzi Encounter

In a recent encounter with the paparazzi, reality TV star Kyle Richards played coy when questioned about her alleged romantic involvement with country singer Morgan Wade. Dressed casually and refueling her black Range Rover at a gas station, Richards shyly shook her head in disapproval while flashing a smile and diverting her attention from the probing question. She later clarified that she and Wade are simply “very good friends.” This encounter comes on the heels of Richards’ recent separation from her husband of 27 years, Mauricio Umansky.

Details on Richards’ Relationship Status:
When questioned about her “single life” since news broke about her separation from Umansky, Richards crossed her arms and firmly stated that she is not single. The 54-year-old reality star emphasized that her marital status is not divorced either, encouraging the paparazzo to read her statement on Instagram for further clarification. Richards and her real estate broker husband reportedly decided to part ways amicably after being separated for some time, but they continue to live under the same roof and maintain respect and love for each other.

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade’s Friendship:
While Richards’ friendship with country singer Morgan Wade has been growing since last spring, fans began to speculate about the nature of their relationship due to their closeness. Observant followers even noticed matching heart tattoos and a silver ring worn on the same finger by both Richards and Wade. However, Richards clarified that they are simply “very good friends.” Wade had recently brought Richards as his date to the 2022 Americana Music Honors & Awards shortly after his alleged breakup with ex-girlfriend Kady Cannon.

Reflections on the Separation:
In a joint statement issued by Richards and Umansky, they denied the claims of divorcing and emphasized their commitment to each other. Acknowledging the challenges they faced in the past year, the couple insisted that there was no wrongdoing on either side. They urged fans not to fabricate false stories to create sensational narratives. While Richards’ separation has raised questions about her friendship with Wade, the couple maintained that any information about their relationship should be addressed solely by themselves.

In an unexpected encounter with the paparazzi, Kyle Richards gracefully sidestepped questions about her alleged romantic involvement with Morgan Wade. Furthermore, she clarified her relationship status, asserting that she is not single and not divorced, even though she and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, have decided to separate after 27 years of marriage. The reality TV star made it known that she and Wade share a strong friendship but urged fans to respect their privacy regarding any further development in their relationship. Amidst the media scrutiny, Richards and Umansky expressed their enduring love and respect for each other while navigating the challenges of separation.

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