Larsa Pippen dating Michael Jordan’s son after divorce from Scottie Pippen

Reality TV cameras followed Larsa following her divorce from basketball player Scottie Pippen. She is now dating a younger man who is famous in the basketball world due to his father, Michael Jordan. Despite displaying public affection, the couple is not exclusive, and it is uncertain whether he will accompany Larsa on her upcoming trip.

Larsa, who recently divorced Scottie Pippen, is now dating Michael Jordan’s son, but their relationship is not exclusive.

Larsa Pippen has been making headlines recently, as she allowed Bravo cameras to document her personal life after going through a divorce with retired NBA star Scottie Pippen. However, Larsa has put the past behind her and has moved on with a younger man who is known in the basketball world because of his famous dad. While the two have been seen displaying major PDA, sources have confirmed that they are not exclusive at this stage.

The man in question is none other than Michael Jordan’s son, and it’s unclear if he will be joining Larsa for her upcoming travel plans. Despite the uncertainty, it’s clear that Larsa is enjoying a new chapter in her life and is unbothered by the speculation around them. The couple has been spotted out and about together frequently, showing that they enjoy each other’s company and are comfortable in their skin.

Larsa Pippen’s journey to finding love again has been anything but easy, but she has shown resilience and strength amidst all the scrutiny. While her relationship may not be exclusive at the moment, it’s clear that she is enjoying every moment of it and is not letting the opinions of others affect her. Only time will tell where this newfound romance will lead for Larsa and her Michael Jordan’s son, but for now, they seem to be content in living in the moment, surrounded by the love and support of those closest to them.

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