Leviss Reveals Seeking Treatment to Underst & Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Leviss admitted that she sought time in a treatment facility to gain insight into her behavior patterns, specifically her tendency to choose unavailable men and find herself in unhealthy relationships. Her goal was to understand the underlying reasons behind her actions and make necessary changes to her behavior. Leviss explained this desire to understand herself to Frankel.

Leviss sought time in a treatment facility to understand and address her patterns of choosing unavailable men and finding herself in unhealthy relationships.

Title: Unveiling the Journey of Self-Discovery: Understanding Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Welcome to our blog, where we delve into the intriguing revelations made by reality TV personality, Leviss, as she opens up about her decision to seek treatment in a rehab facility. In a recent interview with Frankel, Leviss candidly discussed her motivations behind this quest for self-awareness, shedding light on her patterns of choosing unavailable men and finding herself in unhealthy relationships.

Leviss disclosed that her primary objective in seeking professional help was to gain a deeper understanding of her own behaviors. She reflects on her journey, explaining, “My goal was to really get down to the bottom of: ‘Okay, why am I choosing men that are unavailable, why do I keep finding myself in unhealthy relationships, what are the things that I need to change about my behavior.'”

These admissions by Leviss were nothing short of surprising. In a society that often places a significant emphasis on outward appearances, it is refreshing to see someone undergo a genuine quest for self-reflection and growth. Leviss’s decision to take time away from her usual environment and seek treatment serves as an inspiring example of self-care and personal development.

By embarking on this introspective journey, Leviss hopes to break free from the unhealthy patterns that have held her back in the past. She acknowledges that understanding the root causes of her behaviors is a crucial step towards meaningful change. Leviss’s willingness to confront her own patterns, despite her public image, is a testament to her strength and determination.

In conclusion, Leviss’s decision to enter a treatment facility reveals her deep commitment to self-discovery and personal growth. Through introspection and a desire to understand her own behaviors, she aims to break free from the cycle of choosing unavailable partners and unhealthy relationships. Leviss’s journey serves as an inspiration for all individuals who seek to better understand their own patterns and embark on a transformative path of self-improvement.

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