Lil Nas X & Other Artists Targeted with Strange Objects at Concerts

Multiple artists, including Lil Nas X, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Pink, have recently experienced bizarre incidents where strange objects were thrown at them during their concerts. Lil Nas X had a sex toy thrown at his feet, Bebe Rexha was hit in the face with a phone, Kelsea Ballerini was struck by an unknown item, and Pink had a bag of ashes thrown on stage. While these incidents resulted in laughter in some cases, they also caused injuries in others, highlighting the need for concertgoers to refrain from such behavior.

Multiple artists, including Lil Nas X, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Pink, have experienced strange incidents during their concerts where fans threw unusual objects on stage, such as a sex toy, a phone, ashes, resulting in laughter, injury, and even a fan being arrested for assault.

Title: Bizarre Incidents: Artists Coping with Strange Onstage Events

Lil Nas X Becomes the Latest Victim of Bizarre Onstage Incident

During his performance at European Lollapalooza in Stockholm, Sweden, hip-hop artist Lil Nas X encountered an unexpected and puzzling incident. Amidst his set, a sex toy resembling a vagina was hurled towards him, landing at his feet. Maintaining his composure, Lil Nas X humorously inquired, “Who threw their p—y onstage?” while continuing with his electrifying show. Fortunately, laughter ensued instead of any harm befalling the artist. This event adds Lil Nas X to an unfortunate list of performers who have encountered strange behavior from concertgoers in recent months.

Bebe Rexha’s Unfortunate Encounter

Another incident of a similar nature involved Bebe Rexha during her New York City performance last month. A fan catapulted their phone onto the stage, striking the singer in the face. The resilient artist, determined not to let the mishap dampen her spirit, jokingly echoed Lil Nas X’s query, asking, “Who threw their p—y onstage?” Although Bebe Rexha managed to avoid any severe injuries from this airborne object, she did collapse to her knees and necessitated stitches, requiring a hospital visit. Luckily, she recovered swiftly and resumed her tour with protective eyewear, ensuring the show went on.

Kelsea Ballerini Faces Onstage Unpleasantness

While performing in Boise, Idaho, country singer Kelsea Ballerini faced an unwelcome surprise when an unknown object from the audience struck her. Momentarily turning away from the stage, Ballerini conversed briefly with her violinist before retreating backstage. Upon her return, the resilient artist pleaded with her fans to refrain from “throwing things” and quickly resumed her captivating performance, determined not to let the incident disrupt her show.

Pink’s Puzzling Moment at British Summer Time Festival

During her recent concert at the British Summer Time festival in London, iconic singer Pink faced a truly peculiar moment. As she belted out her captivating tunes, a fan decided to throw a bag containing their deceased mother’s ashes onto the stage, landing near the performer. Holding the bag in her hand, Pink, somewhat perplexed, asked, “Is this your mom?” before expressing her ambiguity surrounding the situation. Undeterred, she promptly resumed her set, not allowing the unexpected incident to overshadow her performance.

Instances like these demonstrate the unfortunate reality that artists occasionally face bizarre encounters while onstage. These incidents, ranging from sex toys to phones and even ashes, underline the need for concertgoers to respect boundaries and navigate these events responsibly. Despite the challenges encountered, these resilient artists have admirably handled such situations, maintaining their composure and humor to ensure the show must go on. Let us hope that in the future, attendees will realize the importance of creating a safe and enjoyable environment for both performers and fellow fans alike.

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